As a result of COVID-19, we have made some changes to school procedures:

  1. Normal school practise is that the school is cleaned including surfaces and door handles on a daily basis. Additionally, all surfaces and main surface areas are being cleaned every two hours during the school day.
  2. Students temperature is checked daily on arrival to the school site.
  3. Hand sanitiser is available throughout the school building.
  4. We require all members of the school community to wash their hands with soap frequently and in particular on arrival at school, before lunch and before they depart at the end of the school day.
  5. Allocated areas: Each class has been allocated areas for their lessons and have allocated break and lunch time spaces. Where students need to move to a specialist room for a lesson they will line up outside and be collected by their tutor.
  6. We have introduced measures to reduce the opportunity for close personal contact including moving desks further apart in classrooms, and encouraging pupils to go outside during break times and lunchtimes while the weather is fine.
  7. Students must wear a face covering whilst in the school corridors between classes.
  8. Uniform and PE Kit: Students will need to wear full school uniform. The students should arrive at school in their PE kit if they have a PE lesson that day.
  9. Equipment and lunch: Students need to bring their own equipment, a packed lunch, snacks and a drink; please ensure water bottles are filled at home. Students who are eligible for free school meals will be given a packed lunch and drink.
  10. We have taken the decision to cancel all trips, fixtures and visits that are due to take place, for the foreseeable future. This includes students attending Canon’s Leisure Centre on a Friday afternoon.
  11. Visitors are no longer permitted to attend the school site.
  12. Travel to school: We advise all students to walk or cycle to school and avoid public transport if possible. If your child is cycling to school, the bike should be locked up in the cycle racks behind the school building.

Independent School

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We are an alternative provision on the Wandsworth, Merton and Croydon framework that offer places to young people, between the ages of 11-16, who have special educational needs, are unable to cope in a mainstream setting, or are at risk of exclusion; so that they have the opportunity to still receive qualifications. We offer a range of services which include transport; so if your child needs to be picked up and dropped off we are insured to carry this out.

Tuition Centre

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This part of the facility is open in the evenings and on weekends and we offer help on all subjects on the National Curriculum. Students who may need that extra push have the opportunity to receive this from tutors who have been vetted, approved and are passionate about the subjects that they teach so that they can assist them in reaching that next level in their subject.

Home Schooling

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We understand that the mainstream / group learning setting is not always conducive to every student when it comes to learning. As a result of this we offer home schooling to students who need it so that they have the same opportunity to achieve in the same way as their peers. We plan and deliver a timetable to teachers who are CRB checked and have worked with learners from different backgrounds and with various abilities.