“I aim to help pupils with their learning plans for accomplishing the science curriculum and along the way, motivating and inspiring each pupil to be inquisitive and develop a passion for learning by exploring.

I work at Just learn as a Science Tutor, teaching science to KS3 and KS4 students, my background in Science is that I hold a Bachelors and Master’s degree in biochemistry, I am currently studying Level 5 in education which I will complete this academic year and aim to be a QTLS qualified teacher of Science.”

Surya Benedict (Science)

"Coming to teaching from a construction and manufacturing background, I instinctively see education as a problem solving endeavour; one helping learners solve real world problems with real world knowledge and real world applications.

As an ICT tutor, I try to liberally interchange the C of Creative with the C of Communication to help learners better appreciate with modern technology, a brave new world of unlimited possibilities is now open and accessible to them.” 

Andrew Callendar (ICT)

"Mr Nabil Saheb graduated from the London South Bank University (LSBU) with a degree in Computer Studies, and subsequently studied for a Diploma in Mathematics with Online Masters Teachers, his passion for education is by completing his Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training this academic year.  He has come into teaching after running a business/IT career and he also has a background in Technology Studies in French Language. 

Mr Saheb is keenly involved in British Computer Society (BCS). He also enjoys and participates in community football activities."

Nabil Saheb (Mathematics / French)

"I have taken a step in to teaching from an IT and Marketing background and I am currently a training QTLS practitioner. I deliver and support vocational and academic curriculums which can accommodate all learners as best as possible. Throughout my prior and current teaching, I have understood the importance to apply a variety of teaching methods to enable learners to explore the theoretical and practical aspects of the GCSE Business syllabus. I also co-ordinate, assess and moderate our ESOL and Functional Skills Qualifications, as well as other vocational qualifications we have offered in previous years."

Josh Brown (Business Studies)