Jus'T'Learn Policies and Procedures have been inspected and approved by OFSTED, Quality Assurance Monitoring Teams from Local Authorities and Health & Safety Auditors. For details on school policies please click on the appropriate links. Should you require any further information, please email the school at info@justlearn.org.uk. 

1) 2022-2023 External Examination Outcomes
External Examination Outcomes for 2022-2023. 

Download 1) 2022-2023 External Examination Outcomes Policy

2) 2023-2024 Term Dates
Just Learn Independent School Term Dates for 2023-2024. 

Download 2) 2023-2024 Term Dates Policy

3) Summer 2022 Student Outcomes
Academic Year 2021-2022 Outcomes.  

Download 3) Summer 2022 Student Outcomes Policy

4) Aims and Ethos - September 2023
Just Learn is an Independent School for students aged between 11 to 16. We are an alternative provision provider facilitating a broad, balanced and tailored curriculum for learners who are not in mainstream education, have special educational needs, need a smaller more nurturing setting or have an EHCP. 

Download 4) Aims and Ethos - September 2023 Policy

Accessibility Plan - September 2023
Schools are required under the Equality Act 2010 to have an accessibility plan. The purpose of the plan is to:
*  Increase the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the curriculum
*  Improve the physical environment of the school to enable disabled pupils to take better advantage of education, benefits, facilities and services provided
*  Improve the availability of accessible information to disabled pupils
Our school aims to treat all its pupils fairly and with respect. This involves providing access and opportunities for all pupils without discrimination of any kind.

Download Accessibility Plan - September 2023 Policy

Admissions Policy - September 2023
This policy aims to:
*  Explain how to apply for a place at the school
*  Set out the school’s arrangements for allocating places to the pupils who apply
*  Explain how to appeal against a decision not to offer your child a place

Download Admissions Policy - September 2023 Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy - September 2023

Our school is committed to providing a caring and safe environment for all students so that they can learn in a secure atmosphere. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable in our school. If bullying does occur, all students should feel able to tell and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. Anyone who knows that bullying is happening is expected to inform school staff. 

Download Anti-Bullying Policy - September 2023 Policy

Assessment & Marking Policy - September 2023
Aims of the policy:
  • To provide clear guidelines on the school’s approach to assessment and marking. 
  • To establish a coherent approach to assessment and marking across all departments. 
  • To provide a system that is clear to learners, staff and other stakeholders. 

Download Assessment & Marking Policy - September 2023 Policy

Attendance Policy - September 2023

We are committed to meeting our obligations with regards to school attendance by:
*  Promoting good attendance and reducing absence, including persistent absence
*  Ensuring every pupil has access to full-time education to which they are entitled
*  Acting early to address patterns of absence
We will also support parents to perform their legal duty to ensure their children of compulsory school age attend regularly, and will promote and support punctuality in attending lessons.

Download Attendance Policy - September 2023 Policy

Behaviour and Sanctions Policy - September 2023

This policy aims to:

  • Provide a consistent approach to behaviour management
  • Define what we consider to be unacceptable behaviour, including bullying
  • Outline how students are expected to behave
  • Summarise the roles and responsibilities of different people in the school community with regards to behaviour management
  • Outline our system of rewards and sanctions

Download Behaviour and Sanctions Policy - September 2023 Policy

Board of Trustees Statement - September 2023
Attached is our statement from our Board of Trustees. 

Download Board of Trustees Statement - September 2023 Policy

Careers Plan - September 2023
Employer engagement - Work Experience and Work Shadowing
We value our students experiencing the world of work and recognise the importance of young people engaging with employers. This includes mock interviews in Year 11, work experience in Year 10 and industry visits, assemblies and tutor group activities from Years 7 - 9. 


Download Careers Plan - September 2023 Policy

Complaints Procedure - September 2023

Our school aims to meet its statutory obligations when responding to complaints from parents of pupils at the school, and others.

Download Complaints Procedure - September 2023 Policy

Curriculum Policy - September 2023

Just Learn’s vision and strategic direction of education focuses on a holistic approach to learning which is broader than examination results and targets as well as recognises the provisions’ role in developing responsible citizens and an effective workforce over timeThis includes personalising learning: Personal Development Plans and Individual Learning Plans, supported by Care Plans. Young people receive bespoke support and guidance to meet their very often complex needs. All young people are allocated a key worker who is available to discuss their various social and academic options.

Download Curriculum Policy - September 2023 Policy

Cyber Bullying - Advice for Parents

This advice is for parents and carers about cyberbullying. It provides advice and information about how they can protect their child from cyberbullying and how to tackle it if it happens.

Download Cyber Bullying - Advice for Parents Policy

Data Protection Policy - September 2023

Our school aims to ensure that all personal data collected about staff, pupils, parents and carers, governors, visitors and other individuals is collected, stored and processed in accordance with UK data protection law. 

This policy applies to all personal data, regardless of whether it is in paper or electronic format.

Download Data Protection Policy - September 2023 Policy

Distance / Remote Learning Policy - September 2023
As staff, we are committed to ensuring our students continue to learn at Just Learn. Whilst learning is important, the communities’ well-being is at the forefront. We understand that there may be times of illness, caring for the vulnerable and caring for others within the home, and this must be the priority for the community. However, we will endeavour to support our learners at this time and continue to learn and grow by provide distance / remote learning. 

Download Distance / Remote Learning Policy - September 2023 Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy - September 2023

Jus'T'Learn’s ‘Ethos & Aims’ statement values the individuality of all of our students. We are committed to giving all our children every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards. We do this by taking account of students’ varied experiences, abilities and needs. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, and have high expectations of all children. The achievements, attitudes and well-being of all our children matter. 

Download Equal Opportunities Policy - September 2023 Policy

Equal Opportunity Objectives - September 2023
To be read in conjunction with Just Learns Equal Opportunities Policy. 

Download Equal Opportunity Objectives - September 2023 Policy

E-Safety Policy - September 2023

ICT can offer many positive educational and social benefits to young people, but unfortunately there are some dangers. Some young people may find themselves involved in activities which are inappropriate, or possibly illegal. Some of the issues and risks are summarised below.

Download E-Safety Policy - September 2023 Policy

Exclusions Policy Statement - September 2023
Exclusion Process
As a last resort the school will consider the appropriateness of excluding a learner. However, all other options will have been considered before this ultimate sanction is considered.

Download Exclusions Policy Statement - September 2023 Policy

First Aid Policy - September 2023

Jus‘T’Learn is committed to caring for, and protecting, the health, safety and welfare of its pupils, staff and visitors.

Download First Aid Policy - September 2023 Policy

GDPR NOTICES - September 2023
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Established key principles of data privacy will remain relevant in the new Data Protection Legislation and there are a number of changes that will affect commercial arrangements, with both new and existing suppliers. 

April 2021

Download GDPR NOTICES - September 2023 Policy

General Information for Parents and Students

Welcome to Jus‘T’Learn Independent School, where together we want to support and become the recognised Alternative Provision School for all your learner needs. We will work together with our local schools in order to understand and fully support our partners. 

Download General Information for Parents and Students Policy

Health & Safety Policy - September 2023

1. Aims

Our school aims to:
  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment 
  • Establish and maintain safe working procedures amongst staff, pupils and all visitors to the school site
  • Have robust procedures in place in case of emergencies 
  • Ensure that the premises and equipment are maintained safely, and are regularly inspected

Download Health & Safety Policy - September 2023 Policy

Independent School Standards
Just Learn Independent School is Governed by the DfE Independent School Standards. 

Download Independent School Standards Policy

Medicine Policy - September 2023

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that any medicines administered within the school are done so in a safe and monitored environment. 

Download Medicine Policy - September 2023 Policy

OFSTED 1) Report November 2014

Ofsted Report - 19−21 November 2014

'The leadership and management have ensured that teaching and learning are good. Senior leaders have high expectations for what the students can achieve'

Overall effectiveness - Good

  • Leadership and management - Good
  • Behaviour and safety of students - Good
  • Quality of teaching - Good
  • Achievement of students - Good

Download OFSTED 1) Report November 2014 Policy

OFSTED 2) Report June 2018

Ofsted Report - 26 - 28 June 2018
  • Staff quickly foster strong and trusting relationships, which enable pupils to learn in a nurturing and supportive environment.
  • The curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to gain accreditation in appropriate qualifications.
  • Staff promote British values and pupils‟spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. They support individual pupils to manage their emotions and behaviour, and prepare them well for life beyond school.

Download OFSTED 2) Report June 2018 Policy

OFSTED 3) Report February 2019

Overall outcome:
The school meets all of the independent school standards that were checked during this inspection. 


Download OFSTED 3) Report February 2019 Policy

OFSTED 4) Report July 2019

This is a Good school

2 to 4 July 2019

◼  The proprietor and leaders have ensured that all the independent school standards are now met. They have successfully made significant improvements, so that all aspects of the school are now good.
◼  The proprietor, leaders and staff work with commitment and determination to improve the life chances of all pupils.
◼  Pupils are well cared for because of the considerable attention given to pupils’ well- being and safety. Pupils say they feel safe in school and enjoy being there.

Download OFSTED 4) Report July 2019 Policy

OFSTED 5) Report - March 2022

What is it like to attend this school?

Pupils enjoy being part of this small school. They like the family atmosphere. Many pupils have not had a good experience of education before arriving at Jus’T’Learn. The nurturing approach of leaders helps them to find their feet. Pupils appreciate being in small classes. They can concentrate better than they did in mainstream education.

Leaders introduce pupils into the school gradually. Pupils have an induction day and a tour. This helps them to settle. Pupils grow in confidence. They get on well with teachers and can speak to them if they have any concerns. When there are behavioural concerns, mentors deal with these in a restorative way. The school is a calm environment overall.

Pupils said bullying does not happen. They get on well with their peers. Pupils would feel confident about reporting any issues to school leaders. They know that staff would act straight away. Leaders help pupils to manage their emotions.

Download OFSTED 5) Report - March 2022 Policy

OFSTED 6) Report - April 2023
Additional Inspection

Download OFSTED 6) Report - April 2023 Policy

Out of Hours Contact
In the event of an emergency out of hours, please contact (see attachment). 

Download Out of Hours Contact Policy

Prevent Policy - September 2023

The Counter Terrorism & Security Act (2015) & the revised Prevent duty guidance updated on 01.04.2021 outlines the responsibility of the school in relation to the Prevent strategy. 

Download Prevent Policy - September 2023 Policy

Preventing and Tackling Bullying
DFE advice for parents/carers on preventing and tackling bullying. 

Download Preventing and Tackling Bullying Policy

Provider Access Policy - September 2023
This policy statement aims to set out our school’s arrangements for managing the access of education and training providers to students for the purpose of giving them information about their offer. It sets out:
*  Procedures in relation to requests for access
*  The grounds for granting and refusing requests for access
*  Details of premises or facilities to be provided to a person who is given access

Download Provider Access Policy - September 2023 Policy

PSHE / RSE Policy - September 2023
This policy is a working document, which provides guidance and information on all aspects of PSHCE (RSE) and aims to provide a secure framework within which staff can work. 

Download PSHE / RSE Policy - September 2023 Policy

Risk Assessment Policy - September 2023
The school aims to ensure that:
*  All risks that may cause injury or harm to staff, pupils and visitors are identified, and all control measures that are reasonably practicable are in place to avoid injury or harm
*  Risk assessments are conducted and reviewed on a regular basis

Download Risk Assessment Policy - September 2023 Policy

Safeguarding Policy - September 2023

Jus'T'Learn is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all members of staff and volunteers to share this committment. 

Download Safeguarding Policy - September 2023 Policy

SEN Policy - September 2023
Our SEN policy and information report aims to: 
  • Set out how our school will support and make provision for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) 
  • Set out the vision, values and broader aims of the school for students with SEND. 
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in providing for students with SEND

Download SEN Policy - September 2023 Policy

Staff Code of Conduct Policy - September 2023

Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Safe Working Practices for the Protection of Children and Staff. 

Download Staff Code of Conduct Policy - September 2023 Policy

Wellbeing Policy (Staff) - September 2023
This policy aims to:
*  Support the wellbeing of all staff to avoid negative impacts on their mental and physical health
*  Provide a supportive work environment for all staff
*  Acknowledge the needs of staff, and how these change over time
*  Allow staff to balance their working lives with their personal needs and responsibilities
*  Help staff with any specific wellbeing issues they experience
*  Ensure that staff understand their role in working towards the above aims

Download Wellbeing Policy (Staff) - September 2023 Policy

Wellbeing Policy (Students) - September 2023
At Just Learn Independent School we work towards positive Emotional Health and Wellbeing in the whole of our school community for adults as well as children.

Download Wellbeing Policy (Students) - September 2023 Policy