Extra Curriculum

Jus'T'Learn works in partnership with the following organisations to provide extracurricular activities for our students: 

Inner Strength Network CIC
Established in 2012.  ISN has been dedicated to developing the lives of women and girls and their families during difficult moments. We offer fantastic opportunities for young girls to be accredited on a leadership course supporting their peers. We support young girls who have experienced domestic abuse or lived in a house where this has occurred. We provide one to one coaching for women and girls to develop aspirationally despite the hurdles they face in life.

Unique Talent
Unique Talent CIC offers three interrelated services, through three interconnected departments offering: gang prevention, mediation, mentoring, coaching and music production as a foundation. 

UT has been operating since 2012 to combat gangs and knife crime. We have made presentations / run workshops in over 150 different schools across the UK, raising awareness about the blight of gang involvement and the devastating impact that it has on individuals and communities. At the end of each session, we ask all participants for an impact score between 1 and 10 (1 = poor and 10 excellent). The results to date have been excellent, with an averaging rating of 9/10 based on over 4,500 surveys completed. 

In our strive to combat gang and knife crime, we continually evaluate the projects and programmes we deliver. Although our sessions are ‘hard-hitting’ and provide a brutal, unglamorous glimpse of the realities of gang life and crime, we have become increasingly aware that these sessions are not sufficient alone to reach and change the behaviour and attitudes of the most ‘hardcore’, entrenched young people, those most at risk of involvement.  Although we deliver impacting workshops on gangs, crime, knife crime etc. we find that the follow up 1:1 session is where we get the best results. It is in these sessions that bravados fall and true vulnerabilities, fears and threats can be laid bare.

RugbyWorks is an intensive, long-term skills development programme based on the values of rugby, through which we aim to get teenagers outside of mainstream education into sustained education, employment or training.  
Each year on average 2,200*1 young people between the ages of 14-16 are excluded from mainstream education in the UK. That’s 12 exclusions every school day. Excluded children are the most vulnerable; twice as likely to be in the care of the state, four times more likely to have grown up in poverty, seven times more likely to have a special educational need and ten times more likely to suffer recognised mental health problems.
Most have no hope of getting out of a system they fell in often through no fault of their own. Is this right? Some say it’s about giving them a second chance, but with our young people, it’s often their first chance.
At Dallaglio Rugby Works, we want to change this. We get to work right at the heart of the system. We place our coaches in local Alternative Provision, where we work hand in hand with local teaching staff, using the values of rugby to help develop a wide range of essential skills for these permanently excluded teenagers. We provide structure and support, and a pathway to the future.

Our results are significant, a young person on our programme is 3 times more likely to pass a Maths & English Level 2 and twice as likely to still be in education, employment or training 12 months after leaving school. Both significant predictors of future employability and ability to support themselves and their families to build a better life.

These are some of the hardest young people to reach, but our programme is working. 

10 weeks Mindfulness and Breathing Training with Sevati© 

This programme has been specifically designed by Sevati©* to introduce Meditation-mindfulness and Breathing techniques for school age children. Programme aims to boost children’s mood and self-esteem. Work on encouraging positive behaviour, optimism, emotional control. Help academic learning and aid with cognitive control in a class room environment. Programme is designed to help introduce techniques to children that may help them (on individual basis) to reduce anxiety, feeling of stress, depression and improve mental health. Program is also aimed at introduction of possible techniques that can be used when dealing with conflict and conflict resolution, reduction of peer aggression, increasing awareness of feelings and emotions and achieving relaxed stage in stressful environment. This programme provides different techniques, TM (Transcendental Meditation), Mindfulness Techniques, Laughter Techniques, Kundalini Meditations, KAY (Kidding Around) Meditation Techniques which at the end of the programme will allow the participant explore which techniques feel most comfortable and move to exploring these further. This programme can be run by Sevati©* associates after training done with Sevati©*

Catch 22 – 8 Week Programme (Alcohol, Substance Awareness and CSE)

  1. What Drug are and Substance use is
  2. Smoking
  3. Alcohol
  4. Healthy Relationships 

Fulham Football Club (Personal Independence) 

Behavioural Intervention

Up to 8 Students will develop their understanding of behaviours displayed by themselves and others.  Participants will build an understanding of anger and how this is not only apparent in speech but in other ways of communicating.  Participants will explore issues that are current within society such as domestic abuse, gang affiliation, sexual consent and the risk of non-consensual sexual activity, raising expectations and using vision to set aspirations and long term goals.  Alongside this Students will develop social boundaries and understand what anti-social behaviour is and how other people’s perceptions cause labelling processes from others.  They will begin to identify with their own behaviours and use reflective tools to interact with others within a group setting.