Ofsted Report: 22 to 24 March 2022

What is it like to attend this school?

Pupils enjoy being part of this small school. They like the family atmosphere. Many pupils have not had a good experience of education before arriving at Jus’T’Learn. The nurturing approach of leaders helps them to find their feet. Pupils appreciate being in small classes. They can concentrate better than they did in mainstream education.

Leaders introduce pupils into the school gradually. Pupils have an induction day and a tour. This helps them to settle. Pupils grow in confidence. They get on well with teachers and can speak to them if they have any concerns. When there are behavioural concerns, mentors deal with these in a restorative way. The school is a calm environment overall.

Pupils said bullying does not happen. They get on well with their peers. Pupils would feel confident about reporting any issues to school leaders. They know that staff would act straight away. Leaders help pupils to manage their emotions.


Effective careers guidance and opportunities for work experience ensure that pupils are prepared for life when they leave school. Some pupils are reintegrated successfully back into a mainstream school.


Leadership of teaching and learning is improving. Leaders support staff well with planning and preparation. Each half term, they check on the quality of teachers‟ planning and teaching, which informs plans for further professional development, support and training.


Pupils receive helpful advice and guidance on identifying signs of bullying and strategies to protect themselves.