Girls Provision

Our Girls Provision Provides Alternative Education for young girls between the age of 11-16. We have a self contained dedicated site for our Girls which is in close proximity to the main site. We are able to offer learning and development for KS3 and KS4 in addition to our dedicated mentoring staff to support our girls through to Post 16.

The aim of this all girl’s intervention is to provide a restorative experience of education within a structured and safe environment.  The learning experience of all our students embraces the five areas of Every Child Matters, promoting trust, communication skills, enabling young people to grow in confidence and self-esteem.  We reward learning by building relationships based on high expectations and choice.

The all girl’s provision at Jus‘T’Learn Independent School is a means of supporting mainstream schools that have identified the need for an additional intervention for girls who require additional support, outside a mainstream environment. Our school has an inclusive ethos that supports the learning and wellbeing of all students.

The aim of this intervention is to actively work towards student reintegration into their mainstream school or reintegration into their next appropriate step. The objective of this intervention is to move the student to a level, socially, emotionally and educationally, where they are better placed to achieve academically.

Teaching staff and teaching assistants model positive relationships and there is an emphasis on the development of language and communication skills and a focus on social, emotional and challenging behaviour.

As well as developing curriculum-based skills, young people will be encouraged to celebrate their own progress with acquiring skills such as listening, sharing and turn-taking that will reduce or remove barriers to learning thus enabling successful reintegration into their mainstream classroom.

The provision will include increased levels of personalisation and differentiation according to needs, with structured individual programmes. Personalised timetables may be introduced in negotiation with schools, parents and staff.  Individual Plans with clear targets will be developed and monitored for impact.  


"I have worked over the past 15 years in educational and therapeutic setiings as a Therapist, Mentor and Specialist Teacher. In my capacity as Life skills tutor I assist students in becoming responsible, stable and contributing members of society. My aim is to help young people overcome barriers with individulaised approaches and to empower young people to take positive action to promote health, positive social relationships and competence as they face the realities of life."

Samantha Mackenzie (Girl's Provision Manager)