Directors Message

Established in February 2012 as a Private Tuition Centre the organisation is now a DFES Registered Independent School and an OFSTED Registered Private Tuition Centre. The School Comprises of sites within Mitcham and caters for learners from all walks of life.

At Jus'T'Learn we take pride in the content we deliver to our students and the service we provide. Having outstanding tutors and a positive environment is a pivotal factor in ensuring we provide each of our learners the correct guidance and support that they require. The learning experience of all our pupils embraces the existing five areas of Every Child Matters through integrated educational pathways.

"The proprietor, leaders and staff work with commitment and determination to improve the life chances of all pupils." OFSTED 2019

Jus'T’Learn serves students within the local borough as well as students outside of borough such as Merton, Wandsworth, Sutton and Croydon. Community Interaction is Pivotal to the success of our story so far. We aim to continue with this ethos in all our future strategies to continually support you and your learners.

Jus‘T’Learn goes above and beyond to support each learner’s individual needs. We aim to support all students during their journey through school and further education.

Our main purpose is to provide personalised learning experiences in order for students to achieve and work towards “Building the pathway to your future”.

Centre Director